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Tell association of your duty field 6 words part
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(One) " modest " word bid farewell: Conduct oneself in society only " modest " word Oh, if blindly madcap conceit, overbearing, what can lose life of place to go only is essential, get an orphaned and helpless, numerous people indicating bad name end.

1, cannot defiant;

2, complacent do not want be beside oneself;

3, have ability need not boastful;

4, consult not choose person.

(2) " weak " word bid farewell: Humanness conducts oneself in society, hand in friend to need friend, to ritzy confused China, it seems that need not too too exacting, when with " weak " word pawn. Look some weaker, look some, life also with respect to be suddenly enlightened, grow has taste. No less than " smooth smooth light ability is true " .

1, of gentleman hand in weak like water;

2, weak see life, be kind to life;

3, not seek fame and wealth bright annals, not look at an eye for block of fame and gain;

4, reduce heart desire, satisfy the heart.

(3) " frugal " word bid farewell: Do not know " frugal " the person of the word, do not know how to succeed, any successful careers depend on an a bit accumulate; Do not know " frugal " the person of the word, can lose a success only, exorbitant arrogant excessive defeats person character more. "Frugal in order to raise heart " , for the fine example that the person works.

1, begin from economic living cost;

2, " expert thoroughly " not desirable;

3, beware abnormal economical: Miserly;

4, desire the road is not caught, frugal in order to raise heart.

(4) " from " word bid farewell: Do an individualizing person, give oneself a bit self-assurance! Successful path relies on him to enter, good prospect comes from at self-improvement free-standing, take gamely at any authority, the effort that uses ego finds the self-respect that belongs to you. Manhood establishs an age, him clappers!

1, self-improvement is free-standing, have with the success about;

2, savor life alone 100 condition;

3, will challenge authority with ego;

4, self-confident -- hold the post of wind of your southeast northwest.

(5) " ceremony " word part is born in formal state, do a complaisant person. Civilized person can be an upright person, have popularity, much friend. Civilized person can work, pay attention to figure, cultured, not antagonize, the at every turn on successful path is suitable.

1, need a person with the ceremony;

2, complaisant, ceremony much person is not strange;

3, pay attention to formal outfit, give a person good impression.

(6) " " word bid farewell: Do a right person, do the person that one individual pattern perfects soundly, suffer a person to esteem. Do the person of one each illicit, do the thing of bully heart, disease virtuous prevent can, do not have a predestined relationship with the success.
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