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Apply for a foreign enterprise, how to grow in resume
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You had had such experience: Countless resume were sent like day female loose cotton, it is to be not heard of any more eventually; Or complacent goes interview, do not wait however employ is believed...

The resume that perhaps is you is unqualified, or is interview the issue gave on detail, the to apply for a job that brought about you plans to have not undertake, grew first follow greatly bottle. The resume that did not look down upon you and face take sb's temperature show, the face can be a kaleidoscope over there, skill emerges in endlessly. If you can firmly holds this two close, will surely get twice the result with half the effort.

Let us see the case of Miss Wang first:

In medical market sale domain has Miss Wang of rich experience and outstanding achievement, recently thought of a heart finds new job toward large foreign enterprise. Ground of fire of fire of her wind wind will to the profession consult a company, abandon resume of a Chinese and letter of to apply for a job, requirement " interpreter " Cheng Yingwen edition can. After professional adviser looked the resume of Miss Wang, say: "I cannot do this thing for you, this is responsible to you. Because, such resume is unqualified. Such resume is unqualified..

Professional adviser analysis says: "Although you have very big profession to contain Troy, you ignored its presence however. Miss Wang had had clear profession to develop way: The medicine that enters company of large foreign capital sells domain development. So, the biggest now question is how to cross the threshold that takes large foreign enterprise. However, regard the resume of a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success and to apply for a job as the letter, do not reach the designated position.

Above all, your resume and the style that to apply for a job believes, do not accord with the standard of the manpower resource branch of the foreign enterprise and requirement.

Next, itself of letter of your Chinese resume, to apply for a job is unqualified. Format, content is not professional, devoid specific aim.

Again, the resume of English and letter of to apply for a job are not pure in interpret flower, it also needs phonetic skill.

Finally, professional resume and to apply for a job are believed, want to add effective interview to communicate ability to make the heart of beautiful thing director. So need does aggrandizement to groom in this respect.

Below the expert's proposal, miss Wang attended resume to pack what knead dough tries skill to groom. After professional guidance, miss Wang suddenly be enlightened: "So this resume knead dough tries inside, have so much " beautiful head " , this falls can be to be benefited really blame is shallow. " the resume after Miss Wang takes this to pack, come to the company with heart long already appropriate self-confidently, easy ground and manpower resource chief inspector communicate, received the admission notice of this company before long.
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