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The 8 big gold that suit a female most get a profession
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One, public relations

Public relations is a schoolgirl " traditional advantage project " , also be a profound knowledge in contemporary socioeconomy life. On the tradition, the schoolgirl has larger public relations dominant position than the schoolboy: Expressive ability, intercourse ability, harmonious ability compares a schoolboy strong and more abound affection sex. Competing more and more intense intellectual economy times, in eyeball economy times, public relations is more important than any moment in young lady of advanced public relations always is in flitter of global each district, be effectiveness each are big the company does special subject, organization to groom, strategy of down to company seeks advice, wait with governmental contact, become one of the most dazzling white-collar woman students.

   2, manpower resource

Be in abroad, without administrative classics one duty, have human affairs manager only, assessment of arrangement of the civil service that runs a company technically, human affairs, worker grooms, build system of company human affairs, interest allocation system to wait, right naturally under one person over 10 thousand people. Home reforms the development that develops with economy as system, the development of manpower resource and management more and more be taken seriously, a contemporary company, the most important is not capital enough, have a flock of having however knowledge is capable to lay the employee that dies in all together with the enterprise, and the affinity with woman peculiar place and appeal force make they more the job of manager of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to human affairs.

   3, transmission agency

Can call medium the times nowadays, any agitation can spread everywhere to each corner of the world between one night, consequently all without exception of medium a favourite by sb in power empurples redly, from the CCTV " grand sight of put together art " fly towering Ni Ping, defend to Hunan inspect " happy base camp " one of table column Li Xiang, from the Xiao Qing of Liu of the first wealthy old woman that comes down to have TV drill a knife by the film, drive the Yang Lan of authority medium later at medium to original effectiveness, the schoolgirl is to shine together from beginning to end in medium medium beautiful the scenery boundary that raises a key point, a few all one's life also earn average person not to come their income nature.

   4, foreign enterprise white-collar

Say strictly, foreign enterprise white-collar is not a kind of profession, however floorboard of a lot of kinds of occupational, generally refer to is advanced in holding the post of in the enterprise that cross a state functionary personnel, bearing of their the way one speaks or what he says showed them to pass good major to groom, blurt out of Chinese, foreign language comes; Their garment level is different, wearing the elegant suit of different class, weak outfit is thick, debouch is advanced office building; Their income is income of domestic average employee is severalfold to a few times, if be calculated with the RMB, lunar income should be in 779 differ to number, if be yearly salary,make a meeting taller. This kind delegate character is once Wu Shihong, she gains both honor and money when Microsoft holds the post of Chinese division general manager, have the honor to win " work empress " laurel, so that countless girls are example with her, pledge should resemble her in that way stand out.
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