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Check you to suit to go foreign enterprise?
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Some day you are going to work, suddenly downstage young lady informs you have a guest to call in. You go to look, it is the good friend that you did not meet for ages. How do you prepare to recieve her?

(1) asks according to hers, you get her to look around everywhere in the company

(2) chats a little while briefly in parlor only, after making an appointment with her to come off work again talk about the past

(3) gets her to chat a little while to the front of his desk

(The quiet cafe that 4) goes to looking for a colleague to lose sight of outside office building sits a little while


Foreign enterprise company abstains from commonly the interview that there is private property during the job, more abstain from get the person that have nothing to do into working area. Below have to circumstance, also can be in only commonly special interview room, and be recieved in rest time as far as possible. Getting a friend to enter firm work area to look around, the prattle before the desk to oneself, this is absolutely unallowed, next time are no good even if; Time going to work cannot go out to meet a friend more. So, above in 4 choices, choose only (2) just is the most appropriate, choose the rest of 3 answers any, do not suit to work in the foreign enterprise.

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