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Report mails resume of to apply for a job 3 big notes
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As the network gain ground ceaselessly, more and more people chose to put in resume on websites of each to apply for a job, the means that perhaps uses resume email sends several companies respectively. But a lot of people complain rate of response of the to apply for a job on the net is too low, applicant wants quickly by " discovery " , want a society to think according to the thinking means of the other side, you instruct a few court below.

Put the most important information in resume home page

Face by tens of thousands email resume, invite applications for a job person can locate search requirement above all it is in most useful to them limits, generally speaking, they are met with resume the search engine of the database the information of coping of the first page is a foundation to undertake searching, the target key word that if once be inside the first page,the search is less than them,asks, they can abandon this email resume. Accordingly, if you think above all by invite applications for a job person " mining " if coming out, must your most important information, work for example outstanding achievement of target, work and in recent years working experience put in resume home page.

Use commonly used format and style as far as possible

The file that a lot of people like to use HTML form will send his resume, although HTML format is more good-looking, but the resume that makes with HTML format is not each computer can be read however take, because in the center the other side of need of name of the special effect that involves, font has the setting like you to just can see as much, because of to apply for a job of this author proposal person write resume as far as possible with text file.

Additional, want to use the simple style that like body of the Song Dynasty such Windows operating system brings oneself as far as possible, and do not use a few article vessels that use lesser below office condition at ordinary times, Han Yi, style such as Founder, want to know, you send the manpower resources manager that the object of resume is a company, is not the editor that is engaged in art creative work.

Resume is written in email text

Because a lot of virus transmit through email, because of to apply for a job of this major company demand person in writing resume in mail text directly, and the form that does not use accessory. If encounter this kind of situation, to apply for a job person also send resume as far as possible according to the requirement of the company, if need to use accessory really (send the picture file) such as a few photographs, certificate for example, also use form of common word processing file as far as possible, for example Word file, must not make oneself resume and the picture that must send EXE file, be filtered very easily by the mail of the other side so the system filters automatically.
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