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Chen Yigong: How do I work
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The heavyweight player of this sprotswear industry is not the job mad, do not like read overmarginalia file more, wear the dress of own company rarely even

Help Li Ning make the sports brand with Chinese the oldest mainland, stage a comeback founds later market prise is close the Chinese tendercy of 30 billion, what Chen Yigong becomes rise suddenly of industry of Chinese sporting goods is indicative, the brand property that owns Kappa to be in chinese mainland, Macao and Japan and Finnish RUKKA brand are in the concessionary management dealership of chinese mainland. But those who make alien adv unimaginably is, the heavyweight player of this sprotswear industry is not the job however mad, do not like read overmarginalia file more, very few even the dress that oneself are wearing Kappa. However, this not the fast consumable industry that the CEO of “ assiduous ” is full of high risk, tall mortality in this all along however, leader tendercy sports grows in the sale that still achieved 99.2 % last year, and the net profit margin that is as high as 42.9 % . How does he work?

I do not like to say to meNotperson

I like to stay up late quite, often before dawn slept at 9 o'clock, it is 34 o'clocks occasionally. Unless extremely special issue, I do not accept the arrangement on any jobs normally before 10 o'clock in the morning, because await me in those days,still be in dreamland. Getting up is a quite thorny issue me to, before get up, I can come a paragraph of silent cudgel one's brains. Be determined to get up when me nevertheless, never dilatory. Lunch is breakfast actually me to, it is sometimes in firm dining room, it is to see the client talks the business sometimes.

Always now a few entrepreneur also envy me, the reason does not have him, because I am versed in made time has 4 half hours only normally everyday, most person shows to this number open-eyed. I just go to a company 1:30 p.m. normally, can punctual at 6 o'clock without special issue leave. I like the job of particularly short time.

I actually file of very few read overmarginalia, most moment also does not approve on one one day. The be in harmony after tendercy appears on the market 50 many 100 million, the person below asks how I am spent, I say you think how the flower is spent, I just sign on final result.

Signing is the simplest thing, the worst thing is a plan. When making a plan, I often care quite and careful. General I can open computer to view company IT system afternoon inside everyday sale, everyday, financial collect number looks according to a month. As controller, I prefer phone and communicate face to face, I do not like EMAIL, also won't, this is me feel oneself are more defective on one hand.
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