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Ren Zhengfei " hibernate " with Li Shufu " winter swimming " (1)
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The bosom is putting big ready money, and China of “ of the top of head most the enterprise ” that gets respect and “ home most one of businesses that get attention the laurel of ” , china's biggest mobile equipment manufacturer -- China for and its father Ren Zhengfei, the focus that can pay close attention to people from beginning to end stays on their node. Enter 2008, china entered a new level to develop, annals showed 2007, china already amounted to 12.56 billion dollar for sales revenue, of business of equipment of communication of bound of ascend one's life experience before 5 strong, should be to celebrate the hour of result it seems that, however, ren Zhengfei is in however China cry for the company gave “ winter to talk ” , and this has been Ren Zhengfei warns a winter in the 3rd, and, ” of this “ winter is 8 years too.

Be in early 2000, china for with annual sale 15.2 billion yuan, 2.9 billion yuan of RMBs rank profit countrywide electron 100 strong first places when, its author allows to be not however prate crisis and failure. The famousest is its are as long as of 13000 words " China bed winter " , this is recommended extensively by business circles and apply in the classical article in business management, industry of the state-owend enterprise in been become serves as the be prepared for danger in times of safety, case that seeks oneself to change.

And in automobile industry, “ winter swimming of Li Shufu caused the tremendous echo of the industry likewise by ” . Li Shufu manages phasic analysis to be able to go up in auspicious company high level, in the light of at present domestic and international economic situation reachs automobile industry and market current situation, for auspicious car the goal assignment of second half of the year finishs establish to answer strategy this year and put forward “ winter swimming to talk ” . This argument thinks: Automobile industry and IT industry are disparate, car company cannot ” of passive “ hibernate, the actual strength that should depend on oneself however and courage and insight go undertaking ” of “ winter swimming moves, want to be good at finding big business chance in big winter, creation big hope, form large dominant position.

In Chinese IT industry and automobile industry, china be and auspicious the enterprise that should be sex of two surveyor's pole, it is company of their representing nation not just the result that obtains when competing with foreign brand, and the leader that depends on these two enterprises, of the train of thought that the company that represents Chinese entrepreneur to differ in some respect respectively manages means and enterprise to travel external and industry of estate of the state-owend enterprise in bringing think.

In Chinese business circles, ren Zhengfei is the character of a patristic class, its are being returned at present in the consequence of Chinese business circles nobody can give its right. As China bed author, the culture product that Ren Zhengfei leaves later generations is wolf culture not just for certain. His " my parents " , " of northland spring " , " China bed winter " , " China bed red flag can be hit after all how long " waiting for full of feeling and the article scarcely that consider debate is us merely this generation person contends for according to legend to read, the investigator later also perhaps can search the clues of Ren Zhengfei's disposition, bearing, experience from inside these articles, and China the marrow to manage and manage a concept.
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