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Duty field is hit go all out to also have " go regular "
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“ I feel female to the employee goes to work wear too expose, male employee goes to work hitting barebacked is uncivilized expression. Mr Liu that ” works in the foreign enterprise hits a phone to say. Yesterday, reporter to many office building 40 office worker undertook visitting, they think the office is being worn generally too expose really uncivilized. In addition, air is cloudy with talk on the phone congee also is the problem that everybody is overcome.


The odour in the office is jumbly

Place: Build China edifice

Build China the hall of the edifice is very neat, but walk into elevator, a fat box meal flavour is tangy and come. “ this is very normal, we are heard everyday, was used to. ” sees reporter attack by surprise is nose, a staff member in elevator such say.

The air in respecting office, miss Zhang that goes to work here frowns continuously, flavour of “ box meal still has been been, more those who let a person be overcome is some people, one have the sweat flavour of a dense and crural taste to summer, these people are returned at ordinary times carelessly, often shoe of what take off, that flavour calls a person to be overcome really! ”

And station aside Xiaowang complements, “ still has a few people to like to eat Durian, take Durian to the office to eat in time going to work unexpectedly, the sort of flavour that makes a person disgusting is entirely in the office after eating, be being done is this flavour on the body. They return ground of not worry at all to say, ‘ the free ' that this is me, do you say civilization? ”

Reporter investigation: More than most probably duty field person is experiencing olfactory stimulation in the office, thinking for the most part nevertheless is now and then circumstance only, only the duty field person of 10% thinks he is in “ an abyss of suffering in ” , people of more than 9 the field that become job think such exciting meeting disturbs his working state of mind. But also somebody expresses, this they do not think “ , also he himself can not decide. ”


  Illicit is closeThe phone keeps a little

Place: Country trade edifice

The environment of “ our job often is not single person cell, some people hit a phone to come unbridled, harangue, get dizzy with success, resembling is a ‘ not the urban ' of fortify. Such person ignores other completely, persist one's old ways, no matter whether other staff likes,listen to his private affairs. ” speaks of the uncivilized phenomenon of the office, country the Wang Min of one ad department enrages trade edifice not to make one part, “ I am special be fed up with such person. ”
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