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Come, do a duty field to not have press beauty!
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If this life vivid rhythm is fast,show, whats are get competition. Duty field is the wrestle field of a the law of jungle since ancient times! Competition is so intense pressure nature is small also not. Here introduces some of experience, let what you make duty field not have press beauty!

1, see horror piece.

England has an expert to suggest, people feels the job has pressure, it is to result from their sense of responsibility to the job. What right now they need is to encourage, it is brace. Overcome pressure so with its through loosening skill, face the situation that is full of pressure as him drive, go seeing a horrible movie for example.

2, apply utterance and imagination to loosen.

Pass an imagination, train ” of thinking “ stroll about, like “ blue sky Bai Yun falls, I sit in the ” on the meadow of evenness green mattress, “ I am comfortable ground bubble is in bath crock, listening to beautiful light music ” . Loosen inside short time, rest, let oneself get spirit small rest, you can feel unruffled, halcyon with gentle.

3, put on gratified old clothes.

Put on a beloved at ordinary times old trousers, cover a comfortable unlined upper garment again, your psychological pressure can be reduced insensibly. Because wore long dress to be able to make be experienced for nothing when the some since person memory is specific, the person's mood also upsurges for it rise.

4, want to cry.

Medical psychologist thinks, cry can alleviate pressure. Psychologist ever measured blood pressure to a few adult, the person with the normal as a result blood pressure of 87% says they had had now and then cry, and those hypertensive patients are most however say to never weep. Look, let affection express come out to want to be gotten benignantly than be being buried deeply in the heart much.

5, the hug is cultivated greatly.

In a few parks of Australia, can see many people hug large tree in the morning everyday. This is they use a kind of method that eases psychological pressure. According to saying: Embrace large tree to be able to release the happy hormone inside body, spirit making a person is bright and clear.

6, dismember law.

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