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The meaning of bark wave Olympic Games is besides competition ground
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Industry of the state-owend enterprise in barking wave may be appears in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to watch contest stage to count one of most people last. Accept " Chinese new era " two days when interview ago, he witnessed the birth of record of world of man 100-meter dash in national stadium, and accepting a reporter to interview the following day, he watchs man football Brazil to be opposite to Beijing worker stadium again Argentine semifinal.

“ our family likes athletic sports. What my son likes most is cycle racing and football, what the daughter likes most is ski and tennis. International of the benefit in this letter accuses ” president tells a limited company the reporter, all the year round, he is met according to climate different participate in all sorts of athletic sports, from swim, ski, tennis, golf arrives caique, “ attends athletic sports to be able to add the rich touch of the life, if life does a thing only, that is too as dry as a chip. In addition, athletic sports can exercise a person to adjust the ability of state of mind, make investment like us especially, occasionally need has a kind of stand aloof state of mind. ”

The Olympic Games is brushstroke fortune.

1985, bark wave is far attend American attend school, and early or late hold post tells company of grade of negotiable securities of Er of general of bank, standard greatly at the United States, 1993, bark wave suffers hire at the United States Magenshidanli invests a bank, hold the post of Asian company vice president to hold Beijing delegate concurrently to be in chief delegate.

It is just about during American job, caique of bark wave bring into contact with, be sent and irremediable ground fell in love with it. “ sailing is the comprehensive test of pair of one the individual's physical strength, intelligence, courage and resource, endurance. ” is in bark wave memory, sailing is an appointment of the mankind and sea, the spirit that is Yun Danfeng Qing Dynasty, fervent lingering is enjoyed.

1999, the benefit in barking wave established to believe invests limited company, become one of investor that introduce concept of venture capital investment the earliest China. I like “ do trailblazer, and do not be willing to make a follower. ” nowadays, investment field ace of China is bristly, complain when somebody “ good item is less and less when ” , bark wave says however, “ should be brave in to search and innovate only, you always can discover new project. ” looks in him, do investment to also need to have mind of a bit adventure occasionally.

2005, bark wave developed his adventurous drive acme -- the team ” that establishs “ China attends caique of ” of “ America cup to surpass, insert banner of the Five-Star Red Flag on the competition ground of ” of “ America cup first, he himself also becomes the first to be included the Chinese of hall of celebrity of ” of “ America cup.
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