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Teach you to stay in the office a group of things with common features dietary s
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Modern society, full day and the person that computer photograph accompanies are increasing, at the moment, regard city as the white-collar, you perhaps had sat a few hours continuously before computer, certain and pressing what principle should the person that wants to know computer length partner notice in dietary respect?

   Healthy breakfast

Everyday in the morning a cup of fresh milk, bread of a few whole wheat (or other noodle) with a ham. This breakfast needs a few minutes to be able to be solved only, can make the person feels spirit enlivens however, if do not eat breakfast, whole can feel energy is insufficient in the morning, work efficiency rises hard, must eat good breakfast everyday so.

   Healthy snacks

Because the job is busy, lunch may do not have time, dinner also may be deferred. Prepare ” of “ healthy snacks ahead of schedule, might as well a small drawer is vacated in desk, the cereal that puts some of course nutrition aggrandizement is fragile piece, apricot works, currant, banana piece, yam does and so on, go up fully again an outfit sterilization milk and pure fruit juice, your a helping hand can be aided when your 飢 is hungry.

   Healthy have dinner

Eat some of bean curd more, steamed dish, dawdle, agaric, vegetable, be far from the food with adipose exorbitant content.

   The white-collar's nutrition chooses

The physiology state of white-collar female and working need should suit on dietary arrangement. If article secretary job drafts a document, operate computer, the manuscript that print, recieve a dinner party to wait, basically be give priority to with mental work, advocate “ breakfast to want satiate, lunch should have eaten, dinner should take the usual practice of little “ .

On the dietary allocation scale of 3 eat, occupy with breakfast intake commonly round-the-clock the 30 % that absorbs food gross, lunch 40 % , dinner 30 % is advisable. Notable is early, late two eat. Breakfast had better want to assure to have the milk of certain amount, of the high grade protein such as soya-bean milk or egg absorb. Absorb proteinly can complement already the cerebral cell need on protein metabolization, also can enhance the excitement of pallium and inhibition.

Because the greater part time of morrow early morning comes after dinner,spend on the bed, the heat energy of airframe is used up and not quite, so dinner basically eats those less to contain a lot ofcaloric food to be like rice, cooked wheaten food reachs grease sex food. To vegetable, fruit not only should not eat less, photograph instead should eat more a few, can assure what airframe has sufficient vitamin and inorganic salt to absorb so, beautiful to carrying the bodily form of white-collar female, have one's head screwed on the right way, thinking is very advantageous adroitly.
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