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From " the shape that drop a name " the impact that sees culture and destiny
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This is one can foreknow the tragedy of ending!

What the audience needs to think is this tragic inevitability: Zhao Erhu dies surely! Pang Qingyun dies surely! The shape that drop a name is defeated surely!

I say this story from two levels, the first it is the destiny that “ casts a shape ” ; The 2nd destiny that is 3 brother. Some people be used to is idiomatic " The Book of Changes " the truth is forecasted and explain this final result, this is an absolutely and feasible way. But I learn a principle to be analysed popularly with simpler constituent behavior, the hope is inspired somewhat to poineering boss

What is the shape that drop a name?

The contracted ” of a kind of “ that the shape that drop a name is folk, the base that preserves it is loyally. When Pang Qingyun puts forward to join Qing Jun, lack is trustful between 3 brother, offer to written guarantee then justice. But it is OK that the real value of the shape that drop a name depends on everybody this obtains book to so that stage an uprising,trust each other, be not the child that is the degree that emotional development reached to cannot leave, also not be the testimony that stems from pair of each other friendly feelings. They are opposite folk of one's previous experience of the Jiang Wuyang in 3 brother, Zhao Erhu the brotherly personal loyalty that institute of the state that drop a name expresses looks very again, and Pang Qingyun criterion knot justice is regarded is a condition that obtains action consensus.

3 brother also have the understanding that is the same as far from to joining Qing Jun's mission. Jiang Wuyang and Zhao Erhu think it is OK to join Qing Jun find better eat, OK enjoy a happy life, continue to spend footloose time. Pang Qingyun serves as naturally with this attract, a bit reason that convinces the Qing Jun that two brother join, but his future to army and the idea that the mission has him naturally.

Most the most crucial is here the edge is con without little, the motive that also did not use each other exists. Culture is such thing, everybody thinks people can understand his intention, everybody thinks his idea is of course.

Jiang Wuyang and Zhao Erhu pull bandit troop, eat to mix buccal meal namely, join among them is villager of home village or town. Unripe meet troubled times, very not easy, they realize the brotherly coexistence, impact that depend on each other deeply. Get as the head because no more than is gallant, but non-privileged. They are attracted by Pang Qingyun is the skill in wushu as a result of Pang Qingyun and brains completely, they did not realize person and person at all besides generous the difference that still has ambition. And Pang Qingyun is professional soldier, he needs a victory even need not plan cost. Train normally and Pang Qingyun is taught, besides direct troops thought different, his mission to professional soldier, official and future hold the opinion of professionalism.
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