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Niu Gensheng: Must hold to group study
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Learn same gift to consider close, think of close ability character to be mixed, character photograph and ability travel photograph complementary.

the creation with respect to fortune, the head decides a pocket. 9 wisdom of “ surpass 10 tons of painstaking ” . Go starting 1000 jins person directly, fool; The person of 39 batches of hoisting jack, clever. A person did 10 things, obtained the positive result of 100 % , and another person did a thing only, obtained the positive result of 90 % , so this works little person is clever person, that works much person belongs to “ gens of opposite stupidder ” . How to accomplish ” of “ cerebra go ahead of the rest? Learn!

Study is not a purpose, the study sth in order to apply it just is a purpose. So, measure study effective, must see 3 sides: It is to learn, 2 it is what to learn, 3 it is everybody learns or the individual learns.

The individual learns.

Study is the person distinguishs a at other animal important sign. The person is not the ” that “ is born and knows, it is the ” that “ learns and knows, ” that “ is thought of and knows, ” that “ goes and knows certainly. Any person, if come down to be companion with other animal all one's life, that does not have what difference with other animal. The case of child of wolf child, pig already effectively proved this one viewpoint. I attend class in business school of the Yangtse River when, du Weiming of Xin Ruxue of famous person writer, whole world's expert also emphasized this to us: “ person does not learn with difference of other animal it doesn't matter. ” my add the 2nd word: “ individual learns group of be not a patch on. ” still had student to fill the 3rd word: “ if the way of study is wrong, still be inferior to learning. ”

Tiger, lion, polar bear, the body is gotten lustily than us much, why to lose at the mankind? Basically be cannot learn because of them and inheritance. We are OK character of have the aid of is acquired before 5000 even the knowledge before 10000, and they hook up the wisdom of generation accedes not complete. So, although life is malcontent 100, however but “ lives to be ” 5000 years old, 10 thousand years old. But if abandon learning, be equal to shorten actively life, “ alienate oneself at historical ” .

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