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Should blot out the sky and cover up the earth about the advertisement of lady health and come, when strive tells us “ to the woman needs to show loving care for ” more, by tens of thousands city OL people must bustle every day however. End when a day, overworked returns the home extremely in, ability Jing becomes aware him waist acerbity leg aches, eyesight is ambiguous, can't help wanting to ask oneself a “ then so work desperately for what ” , living however is so helpless. Arrived on the weekend, do not give oneself chance of a recreational recreational without reason, working “ too the elder sister little sisters of wrestle ” stand up, we should begin new life today -- ” of “ Tai wrestle.

Tai rich “Tae-Bo” is current the newest heat in Euramerican gym, “Tae” is the abbreviate of taekwondo “tae Kwon Do” , “Bo” is the abbreviate of boxing “boxing” . “Tae-Bo” is metrical a kind of stricken form: Movement of its upper limbs basically consulted fistic movement characteristic, and leg department action is main action with the leg law of taekwondo. Body of ” of rich of Tai of the first “ exercises a club is by the United States that ever won world Karate championship 7 times athlete of famous Black people compares profit. Black this establish, later is fashionable world more, be welcomed by numerous fitness enthusiast.

” of “ Tai rich is not common antagonism strikes, however one kind has music to accompany, collect dancing, boxing, taekwondo, Karate, metrical hold for an organic whole, have reduce weight, of action of recreation, strong and handsome, powerful body new-style oxygen is held. Accompanying the music with driving rhythm, each action gives a fist, every time kicks a leg, you should imagine you are in really face a rival, its movement brings into play more by force than traditional setting-up exercise accelerate a process; What finish in the movement at the same time is flashy, general setting-up exercise stresses apply the brake and control only, and metrical strike emphasize ego protection, the requirement reclaims behavioral speed. ” of “ Tai wrestle promotes the growth of body flexibility and muscle strength effectively not only, still have self-defence the economic value of be good at body -- next time oneself a person comes off work to need not feel feared.

Actually ” of “ Tai rich is a kind firm soft hold provided body concurrently to exercise a method, no matter the men and women can attend, it lets strong and handsome hold pick off the cap of “ Nancy ” , let men can be in eventually before in ” of “ fitness forbidden zone to the top of one's bent brandish asperses passion. What to still wait for, the Partner that calls you quickly goes together ” of “ Tai wrestle!
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