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Li Ning: Face about 20 years
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The success of an enterprise mixes “ an athlete capturing champion is very similar, a lot of moment, successful is not experience affliction is most, because he has lot,often be, did not encounter the catastrophic ability that lets oneself destroy to go to now all the time. When the successful line that ” Li Ning concerns oneself and Li Ning company this paragraph in narrate, as if to hit some kind of philosophic theory of compatriots in ancon, but to this course of study already two hair on the temples are small for the white, successful entrepreneur that shows bald a bit, it is the process of ” of luck of “ of a bosom 20 years of that face about truly however.

Imagine very hard, the Li Ning 20 years ago and the Li Ning after 20 years have what kind of substaintial distinction. Arrive from the athlete civilian battalion entrepreneur, arrive from 106 medal 100 much social status. Probably, the Li Ning that Li Ning of 45 years old just compares 25 years old is more complex just.

And 20 complex years we should remember this most, belong to the annual ring that entrepreneur of a China rises abruptly.

3 characters.

On August 8, 2008, to international sports tycoon Adidasi and be able to bear or endure for the gram, have 3 minutes are black at least. In these 3 minutes, once was precipitated to become the Li Ning of symbol of a brand by years, the earnest wish that taking 1.3 billion person finished boast father to pursue the action of day. Place of opening ceremony of whole Beijing Olympic Games boiled.

Because of this movement, as Li Ning the Li Ning waist of president of sporting goods limited company hanged steel wire to practice hard a month, also because of this movement, two after ignition trade day, his social status adds 200 million HK dollar completely, brand of ” of “ Li Ning by world more the person is witting. When Li Ning is visitting bird's nest center, look all around several pieces expect the face with excitement, the entrepreneur of this athlete one's previous experience is today after the tough effort that experiences 20 years, was hit by ground of “ lucky ” again the athlete's original shape.

An a week is winded in sky, coefficient perhaps won't exceed difficulty far in those days ” of across of “ Li Ning, but ignite 2008 Olympic Gameses of Beijing advocate of torch that momently, li Ning or insecurity.

This kind of insecurity and the “ 20 years ago feel relieved ” very not identical. On September 20, 1988, the 4th day of Seoul Olympic Games, suffer the “ gymnastics that fix eyes upon fully princely ” Li Ning is successional error: In rings match, his foot is hanged on rings; In vaulting horse match, he sits on the ground heavily. In the exclaim sound of people, the Li Ning after error, showed however indifferently smile. This smile very feel relieved, but also be this smile caused the criticism with countrywide public opinion and intense and acerbic later people.
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