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Duty field is small endowment necessary 6 " a magic weapon "
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Feminine flavour is “ very feminine ” , representing the male to be opposite all expectation of the woman. Different person can have different understanding to this word, what calls a woman flavour in your heart? The female glamour that how can you just let oneself hundred?

   Detail one: Missish

Careless the impression that can make a person unbalanced to your generation sexual distinction only forever, and implicative and missish can bring some kind of uncanny sense for you however, also can stimulate the person's exploration and close appetite more.

  Detail 2: Beautiful do not have charm certainly

Pretty woman does not have feminine taste certainly, but the woman that has feminine taste is certain however very beautiful. Beautiful it is explicit frame only, feminine flavour just is true glamour essence. Pure pursuit is beautiful if there's no one who doesn't or isn't repairs refine grade, self-restraint, bearing and bosom wholeheartedly.

   Detail 3: Vivid individual character

Individual character is the fountainhead of glamour of a woman forever, no matter means of dress, temperamental, style of conversation, behavior, have a oneself woman, just can take a future life to move to the person deep impression, because she is unique.

   Detail 4: Proper sex appeal

One can show the skirt of line beauty adequately, or it is to be shown slightly

Sexy short skirt suit, add sway the makeup look with the high-heeled shoes of strange looks, appropriate shade, it is the element that can add cent for sex appeal. Sexy of course not be overly bare, actually in the final analysis, take the sex appeal of feminine glamour, still need Xiu Liancai to be able to get.

   Detail 5: Build opposite sex friendship

The woman that has female charm has man reason very much commonly, the male that they do not mind and is worth to make friend maintains decent limbs contact, they are guarded not overly, also not be to flirt however, their very male popularity is built in have collective topic with the man, and have enough wisdom go resembling intimately with them like the friend get along.

   Detail 6: The society praises others

Praising is a person's best moral character, be good at praising especially the belle of others, her glamour more the meeting is dye-in-the-wood burst forth. The good-tempered and not captious, advantage that sees others forever, this is a woman the most beautiful most attractive place.

Origin: Henan net of 9 rich talent
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