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The white-collar fights exhaustion " whole strategy "
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Strengthen food

Food is very tremendous to our life influence, for instance overmuch edible flows feed meeting person to let forgetful, and Italian face and Chinese meal, the person that can let take food feels tired after a hour with Mondayish. Want to avoid these problems, you can consult the following nutrition suggests:

Although not hungry also should have breakfast

Consider to make clear, no matter the person that have breakfast is mentation or body condition are close friends at the person that does not have breakfast. The research that comes from the husband university that England adds more make clear, breakfast can help people maintain inferior pressure level.

What does hour of every other 2-3 eat

Everyday small add eat to because blood sugar density is too low,can avoid the fatigue sense that create. Those who need an attention is, adding meat is not to let what you keep have a thing, because pass much digestive responsibility,can let you feel Mondayish. Slices of fish meat, nut, yoghurt, cornmeal is right choice, the protein that they contain and carbohydrate can make your blood sugar chroma rises, make you feel rise with force and spirit thereby, and can bring down to sweetmeat long for.

Absorb more food fiber

Food fiber is OK slow down body draws rate to what candy divides, in order to n/med having blood in one's stool candy can slow and smooth elevatory. Normally for adult needs everyday 25 to 30 grams fiber, many prandial fiber is contained in whole wheat food, black soya bean, apple, because this is OK also,the consideration serves as the content that adds meat.

Quicken cerebrum movement with fatty acid

The fatty acid that contains a lot ofin attar of abyssopelagic fishes, Hu Tao, mustard can raise the health of cerebral cell to spend, help you hold sober head.

Absorb enough moisture

Moisture is self-evident to the importance of human body, if human body lacks moisture content, blood can begin to become stiff, and cannot carry nutrient arrive each organs, the person can feel fatigue. Accordingly, two hours ought to absorb people every other at least 250ml moisture avoids the body to appear the symptom that lack water. If you do not like to drink water, the fruit with high content of a few moisture also is right choice, wait like watermelon, orange.

Avoid to absorb overmuch caffein afternoon

The Anthony professor that comes from the United States to breath out Buddha university college of medicine thinks, the caffein that absorbs 200-300mg everyday (the content of the caffein in 2-3 cup coffee) can make the energy of people more abundant. But if overmuch caffein is absorbed afternoon, can affect the Morpheus of people badly, make you are in feel exceeding and tired the following day.
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