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Interior thing language: "Mix " in China
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There is the job that the person makes public him highly praise rarely all round me. When circumstance of job be askinged about, most person can reply: Still go, quite good; The relation is a bit riper it is: in that way, mix; Again a bit riper need not talk about a feeling, cut operation level directly: What director do you meet? The side pulls a string.

Also had encountered the job that is oneself to sing hymnal, than keeping the reporter of Shanghai cate like. Meet for the first time he professions: I love writing, love Chinese cate more, so very the work that enjoys oneself -- the other cate reporters that I encounter but not so think, the sense that they give a person is them doing to be cafeteria free (or collect fees) the elementary job that keeps propagandist draft, this is they do not like and the thing of value of it doesn't matter, if if collection layout cost cannot be calculated,evaluate is worth; More exaggerated is manager of another project of public relations company, although already successive 3 days sleep two hours only, she still can be intoxicated the ground thinks this job can realize her professional ideal, because she can know a lot of people, realize oneself originality, the working “ that because this kills her this,cannot sleep is absorbing ” . More important is, she is in him homeland cannot appear in the project as the director, it is a senior aide only at most. Of course, these two high-key profession people are abroad guest.

This kind of disparate to professional acknowledge manner is to come from different culture probably. Inside the east of collect is civilized more advocate low-key the feeling that handles oneself -- no matter be of pair of jobs,have deep love for, still be the pursuit to life, the means that uses desalt mood shows him quality and style or of intelligence quotient exalted. The west that puts outside is civilized criterion more be happy him make public passion and serious degree, although be little curiosity merely, also be willing to describe “ very excited ” , although just worked overtime half hours, also be willing to tell this to others is the working ” that because of “ I love me.

Because work,also be likely of the opportunity rare the account that lacks degree to differ. Opened China of 30 years, in each domains, professional still rare be short of. Look in me, professional actually not rare be short of, the professional that is qualification only ground of like a swarm of bees misses the head when professional, and the wishs to do professional “ talent ” that remain unqualified, present an one clique to think the person action of action is less than then, think the person that apply for a job seeks the bicephalous cool status that be less than again. But the Euramerican country that perfects relatively in talent system, can finding a major with oneself or the job that interest matchs already was one great good fortune, because this works,the opportunity is cherished more easily.
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