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Did you follow pair of olds?
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Our everybody is the old of own group, the strength of the group is crucial depended on you following pair of olds

Big " Chibi " in have a bridge of ” of “ Lei Ren paragraph: Brigade of Kong Mingdong Wu Zhi, do decided ” of alliance of “ Sun Liu. Later, zhou Yu has to Liu domain pay a return visit, catch up with Huang Shuzheng to make up sandals, close 2 father to explain aside, “ is so old, the sandal that our brothers wears a few times, it is eldest brother all the time to what make up. One cinema of ” laugh, applause.

“ am I becoming aware do laugh? See this I was touched. ” a friend plaints on MSN, the old with much better “ ! ”

“ already a symbol of war children condition is chief, already bosom the world shows consideration for in a subtle way again, already country beautiful woman brotherly situation is difficult. Can such old won't do thing? ” this brother sigh with regret.

Look around business circles, in the enterprise of accomplish sth of in every case, such old is absent a few. Willow passes Beijing of article of annals, king to wait to mix the entrepreneur that come out in ZhongGuanCun, right beside the show solicitude for of brother, poineering patriarch, one numerous subordinate, guide and support, care gave a name: Work in the company, need not say; leaves a company oneself, raise emeritusly rise, do poineering work give capital.

The person such as the Niu Gensheng with infinite in last few years scene, Shi Yuzhu, wait for a person compared with willow, king, go even farther than, so ability is in the respective domain stand out, person that follow numerous, invincible.

Bovine root is born with of the old when the law, ever had a words from heart. He says, the enterprise on this world, the circumstance when holding water at first actually about the same, a few little brother, a few defeat a gun, everybody also cannot send bullet of a few hair in all, work with the regular army went up. But, the difference at the back of this expanded gradually, some people work momentum more bigger, some people do activity more smaller. The reason is many sided of course, but one has general character very much, that is “ money gets together the person comes loose, money comes loose the person gets together ” .

Niu Gensheng says, if enterprise assimilate to a bus, so, the old is the driver on this car only just, this car core purpose is the place that carries the passenger of come and go they want to go, only passenger safety reachs a goal, driver ability is qualified collection fare. If the driver thinks he is a center by accident, the passenger is foil, so, whole fixed position is off base. So, ” of “ gold standard cannot become entrepreneur, ” of “ authority standard also cannot become entrepreneur, ” of “ person standard just becomes entrepreneur likely.
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